About Harmon Creative

Harmon Creative started as a digital marketing agency in 2019, as a side-hustle for Michael and Torie, in their spare time. While she ran a daycare full time and he worked in corporate world.

We love helping business owners

We noticed some businesses don’t have the time to think about marketing and we saw this as an opportunity to partner with small businesses, bloggers, influencers, along with those who are just doing a side-hustle for FUN, it’s something where where we help when we can.  We truly love getting to know our clients and understanding their product or service to showcase the best parts.  This is the great thing about marketing, we get to.  We get to highlight their business , and they get to do what they love in their business.  It is such a fantastic feeling to help a business that is so passionate about what they do. To help others where we can!