White Leather Welly Merck Fashion Watch Review

Welly Merck Fashion Watch

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I absolutely love the look of watches, always have. Men and women a like, you just can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry or accessory for the the every day outfit. When I am going out and about, I like to have a few things to make my life easier. One being my phone, for either communication or entertainment for tricky situations for the kiddos. Along with a watch, so I always know what time it is. Because, lets face it, as a mom with ADHD I lose track of time SUPER easily. Timelines are not my biggest strength and I either underestimate or overestimate the time.

I came across this watch company, while scrolling through Instagram and absolutely loved how elegant, modern, simple and classy every watch looked on their feed and just had to have one. I had to even create a poll on Instagram stories to determine which one I wanted to get out of my like two to four options. Well for me it was hard to decide down between a white leather band and a beautiful pink leather band. What ended up helping to narrow it down was the simple fact is, I like to have something that can be worn across multiple outfits and not worry about it clashing.

It arrived quickly even minus the delay in the heavy snow (you know the polar vortex the Midwest was sucked into for over a month). The packaging was absolutely beautiful. I have attached a few things below in regards to this watch and a few fun photos.

Once I opened the watch, I just had to put it on. You would never know you were wearing it. The watch is so light, and timeless. Any watch should always be timeless and to last a life time, and I can say this is one to stand up, especially while doing daycare and getting kids in out of car seats.

I have attached a few photos of an up close on the packaging and size comparison below as it’s really a beautiful watch and so you can visually get an idea on the size. I’m much more a visual person then I am anything.

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Welly Merck watch collaboration.
The beautiful Blue Box the watch came in
Packaging regarding the watch, so safe and elegant.
To give you an idea how big the face of the watch is, an American Quarter.

*This post was sponsored by Welly Merck. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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