Embarrassing Truth About a Midwest Mom Laundry Process With ADHD

Don’t worry you are not alone with the piles and piles of endless, never ending laundry that goes on for months, and months and NEVER STOPS.

Things I’m going to discuss below are:

  • Before Photos
  • Hyper-focus
  • How I trick myself to hyper-focus
  • After Tips to Succeed
  • Folding Tricks

Let’s face it, as an adult, more so as a mom. The truth is, the things that I struggle with the most in life have to do with my ADHD. I loath, laundry, doing the dishes AND picking up after my kids because let’s face it, I struggle cleaning and picking up my own messes and I get overwhelmed. Plus it’s honestly one of the most boring multiple step tasks we have to do as an adult.

If you are like me you know what the ADHD struggles are like, I legit leave cabinet doors open and stuff on the counter. Not because I intend to, but because let’s face it I go a bit Dori ( you know from finding Nemo). You know the short term memory loss, thing. Yeah, Dori and I would be best friends, except I am more like Dori from her movie.

Anyways, I was told by a fellow blogger who hasn’t been doing it more then a year. That I should show more of who I am flaws and all because it’s inspirational. Honestly, I’m like okay not sure how but I’ll try it anyways. And even though I like to think I’m perfect, truth be told I am perfectly Imperfect.

I believe I have more strengths than I do weaknesses, however I need to show the whole picture. I am embarrassed to say it, because the way I know social media and anything that I’ve ever seen a picture wise. It’s honestly nothing like how I am. This is a very nerve-racking to even share this with you.

So here it is, it’s been months since I’ve had all my laundry completely washed, at once. Why? Because I loathe it more than anything else. Well besides folding it, or putting it away. So here is the before from about a month ago. Also I have left the laundry in the washer and completely forgot about it a few times and have had to go back and rewash it.

A month before Hyper-Focus Kicked in

Then one day this last week I decided it was time to get the laundry done, I know anyone who has ADHD or knows someone who has it. When we set our minds to something or that little gift we have a hyper-focus is a blessing and a curse. Somethings that do help me keep some what organized are, having all the laundry must haves in one area. Laundry soap, spot cleaner, laundry softener, and my laundry wool balls (if the kids or dogs haven’t ran off with those) and a garbage can for the lint.

I saw the end of the Tunnel, while it may not be perfect. It’s better then where it was

I nonstop wash the laundry all week long. Yes all week long, and finally saw the end of the tunnel of dirty piles. Now I have just one small hamper, that when it gets full I put everything in the washer, if nothing is in it. I just move on to the next thing. This also helped that I had created mini, goal lists a day instead of a to do list. (This part has taken me a few months after I heard about this type of list is great for ADHD).

Now to the worst part the folding and putting it away. My youngest went to the grandparents this weekend to stay the night so that means I gave my oldest more screen time, which let’s face it could be worse things. I put on some Y2K jam music and it just knocked out probably the 20 loads of laundry, I had washed over the week and got them completely folded (minus the random items and socks).

Listening to Spotify of trow back jams and knocking out laundry

Somethings that I have learned overtime and countless numbers of failures that if I put on some upbeat music, that gets my body grooving I’m able to trick my brain to letting me hyper-focus and just knock it out. It doesn’t happen often, trust me my husband knows more so than anyone and it drives him bonkers. He has anxiety so my ADHD messes really just get to it.

Also going forward, laundry should be folded right after it’s done with the drier so you have the goal accomplished and so we don’t feel overwhelmed mom syndrome (which more info about this can be found here). This is such an important thing as we find our little hacks to get us through this crazy little life of adult/motherhood.

Now that I have my laundry room area cleaned and less clothes, I will be redesigning it to make it ADHD friendly. This is where I get to go jump down a rabbit hole and look at my Pinterest board Here. My favorite search engine site (yes this is a search engine site, this is for another story).

Well here is to my first blog post, as research has told me that you just need to do it. The rest will come later and hopefully fall into place.

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    1. Awe! Thank you Cathy!It’s been a long time coming.I’m still deciding on what I need to finish to put on next.

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